Creative ways to use artificial grass at home

Creative ways to use artificial grass at home Artificial grass does not have to be only for outdoors, you can use it in an innovative way to decorate your home. Recent studies have shown that artificial grass is the best choice for turf, artificial putting greens and many other applications. But some people can’t use […]

Install artificial turf yourself

Install artificial turf yourself How to lay artificial turf – explained! A green front and backyard is a desire of every homeowner. Artificial grass may be the best option for you. Fake grass requires little or no maintenance, is fairly easy to install, and is bright green all year round. It’s a good example of […]

Environmental benefits of artificial turf

Environmental benefits of artificial turf Why is artificial turf a sustainable alternative? Some reasons why artificial turf can be more environmentally friendly than natural turf Now more than ever we are more oriented towards a green lifestyle that will help preserve our environment before we reach the point of no return. When we talk about […]

Ultimate guide to artificial turf maintenance

DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO ARTIFICIAL TURF MAINTENANCE How can I remove stains from my artificial grass? The first rule when dealing with stains is to act quickly. This is because it will be much easier for you to treat a stain before it has dried or hardened. Artificial turf is very stain resistant, but you have […]

Artificial turf combing machines

THE IMPORTANCE OF ELECTRIC BROOMS The evolution of synthetic turf has evolved enormously over the decades. The structure and design of the fibres have created a denser turf than ever before. These changes pose a challenge for the installer, who must have the best tools and machinery to “brush” the synthetic turf fibres. I call […]

Will the artificial turf stay green?

Will the artificial turf stay green? One of the most common questions regarding the installation of synthetic turf is whether the artificial turf will stay green. Since artificial turf is installed outdoors, it is most often exposed to direct heat from the sun, especially UV radiation. In the past, artificial turf has gained a reputation […]

How to maintain artificial turf

How to maintain artificial turf Installing artificial turf can help you save a lot of money in the long run by eliminating the need to reseed, water or mow your lawn. Artificial grass will give you up to 20 years of life depending on the volume of traffic in the area. Turf Pros Solution turf […]

Reasons to choose artificial grass instead of natural grass for your home

5 reasons to choose synthetic grass instead of natural grass for your home Reasons to choose synthetic turf instead of natural grass for your home If you are trying to decide between installing synthetic turf or natural grass for your yard, there may be many questions you are considering. You may ask yourself what will […]

Say goodbye to allergies with artificial turf

Say goodbye to allergies with artificial turf Runny nose, itchy eyes and coughing go hand in hand with lawn care for grass allergy sufferers. This makes some of the most beautiful months of the year very uncomfortable. Allergies are on the rise. Researchers believe nasal allergies affect about 50 million people in the United States. […]

Mistakes made when installing artificial turf

7 MISTAKES ARTIFICIAL TURF INSTALLERS MAKE Our clients switch to artificial grass to save money on water and all the other costs associated with maintaining a natural lawn. Installing your own artificial grass is easy… as long as you have detailed instructions, all the right tools and some real experience working with artificial grass. We […]

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