Since 2003, we are pioneering specialists in artificial grass installation. in artificial turf installation in Barcelona, and Tarragona more than 200,000 m2 installed. This has allowed us to perfect our own installation system, which guarantees durability and customer satisfaction.

We are a leading company in the artificial grass market, with an innovative and agile perspective that allows us to carry out any type of project regardless of its size.

Why install artificial grass?

Synthetic turf is not only better turf, it makes you happier. 🙂 Lawn maintenance is a big hassle. To get the results you want for your yard you have to devote a large part of your weekend to feeding, seeding, watering and trimming the lawn around your house. And a maintenance crew or a landscaper who really cares for your lawn like you would will cost you a little more. It’s not worth it, not when you have other options. With artificial grass you can say goodbye to 99% of your maintenance needs. Imagine no noisy lawn mowers and hours of work in the summer sun. Synthetic turf is not only low maintenance, it’s a quieter world for everyone. It’s also a smart investment. What many homeowners don’t realise is that for the average customer, artificial grass will start to pay for itself in about five years, due to reduced water bills and lower maintenance costs, not to mention the time saved.

We cover different types of space:

private homes, public gardens, swimming pools, public works, recreational areas, paddle tennis courts, football pitches, etc.

What sets us apart


We only offer artificial grass of the highest quality, manufactured 100% in Europe, using the latest technologies.
Our entire range of artificial grass has a 10 year guarantee.


We have different qualities on the market, but we guarantee to place the right grass in your garden to ensure the best durability.


We are backed by more than 18 years specializing in the installation of artificial turf, which is reflected in the more than 200,000 m2 installed and hundreds of satisfied customers.


The grass we use is ISO 14001 certified, ensuring the recycling of waste, reduction of water and energy use and incentivizing R&D resources with more environmentally friendly products.

We offer the following installation services exclusively with the purchase of Our Artificial Lawns

  • Clearing or removal of topsoil
  • Waste management and debris removal
  • Supply and installation of anti-weed geotextile mesh at the best price.
  • Pre-levelling of the ground if necessary.
  • Supply and preparation of a 5-7cm thick compacted standard gravel base.
  • As an option, we offer the construction of concrete floors.
  • For terraces and attics, supply and installation of special drainage mesh for artificial turf
  • Arrangement of separating kerbs, ecological wooden sleepers or the new planters and planters made of synthetic wood.
  • Comprehensive irrigation installation and staking out services.
  • Wide range of aggregates, pebbles, boulders, decorative stones or pine bark.
  • Choose from a range of heather screening, new synthetic LOP wicker or artificial hedges.
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Installation of the artificial turf with the appropriate accessories: fine, dry, washed silica sand; bi-component glue; binding tape; coconut fibre infill and fixing staples.

I am interested in the future because it is the place where I will spend the rest of my life.

Woody Allen


At first glance it may seem strange that the laying of artificial turf can contribute to a sustainable environment. VERDECO is not in favor of cutting down trees, bushes or plants, but tries to maintain them.
Respect for the natural environment is our premise, therefore our installation of Artificial Grass essentially helps to save water. Considering the water consumption per square meter per year is estimated between 1800 and 2500 liters, we are fully convinced of our environmental performance.
The natural grass is rarely in perfect condition, often we find deplorable conditions where either too much water or by its scarcity the lawn presents an unappetizing state. The soil is often too acidic, preventing the growth of natural grass.
We always try to palliate these deficiencies with some chemical products and with this we basically get to worsen the natural state of the land and consequently become disused areas by the fragility of their situation as well as their appearance. Counting also that microscopic mushrooms, caterpillars and other insects make life and cause further deterioration.

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