Will the artificial turf stay green?

Will the artificial turf stay green?

One of the most common questions regarding the installation of synthetic turf is whether the artificial turf will stay green. Since artificial turf is installed outdoors, it is most often exposed to direct heat from the sun, especially UV radiation. In the past, artificial turf has gained a reputation for losing its colour. After prolonged exposure to the sun, the bright green nylon fibre began to fade at an alarming rate, and within a few years the fake grass really did look fake. But there are several reasons why people now choose artificial turf. It drains easily, requires little maintenance and retains its vibrant green colour all year round, whatever the weather. Unlike the early artificial turf, where the colour was applied directly to the surface of the fibre like paint, the natural colour pigments of today’s synthetic turf are embedded in the polyethylene blades. The color is fixed in the plastic and does not fade like the “paint” of the old synthetics.

How do you keep artificial grass green?

Most types of artificial grass have added UV stabilisers that prevent the synthetic fibres from fading. A very small percentage of discolouration is inevitable, but with UV stabilisers added to the matrix, it is typically less than 8% over a 10 year period. Stabilizers are added to the material before the synthetic sheets are formed. In this way, they are incorporated directly into the fabric, so they do not wear out and are not washed out.

Why choose Turf Pros Solution.

Turf Pros solution is made with the highest quality coloring agents and UV stabilizers. As a result, UV radiation has no effect on the colour of the grass. No matter how much sun, rain, hail or snow your artificial grass has to endure, it will still look attractive, our artificial grass does not fade. We have tested the colour and UV resistance of our artificial grasses under extreme circumstances. From the hot deserts of Arizona to the humid conditions of Florida, our artificial turf has proven itself. Our artificial grass does not fade or flatten out. It is UV stabilised and will retain its colour and integrity season after season.

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