Deco Sport is an artificial grass of 30 mm pile height that combines four colors, three shades of green and a beige tone that give it great realism and has a main polyethylene thread in the shape of a helix of great softness. This model is valid for any use, whether it is merely decorative and landscaping or for more intensive use in events, catering, children’s areas, swimming pools, etc.


Environmentally friendly (Ecological and recyclable).
Clean and anti-allergic.
Maintenance free.
Does not attract insects.
Resistant to ultraviolet radiation.
Resistant to chlorine in swimming pools.
Resistant to fungi.
Hygienic for pets.
Recovery of its vertical structure after being stepped on (memory effect).
Great comfort, all our models are extra-soft.


Characteristics of the yarn : “Textured antistatic”.
DTEX : 11.000 dtex.
Gauge : 5/16 “
Number of stitches : 22.680 stitches/m2 (+/- 11%)
Thread count : 16 threads/stitch
Permeability : > 500 mm/h
Roll length : 20 m (other lengths on request)
Roll width : 2 m (4m on request)


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